Aaron Martin


I came to know Jesus shortly after my family began attending church regularly as a 10 or 11 year old. I felt the Spirit calling me to faith for many weeks, but agonized over Jesus’ call because I didn’t want to “go forward” in front of a bunch of people I hardly knew. After I yielded to Jesus in faith, I was baptized as a believer shortly thereafter. 

I’ve been married to the most beautiful woman in the world for 19 years. We have 3 daughters and 1 son: Emeline, Cameron, Elijah, and Josie. 

I really love being a pastor. I can’t imagine doing anything else. It’s hard to narrow my favorite thing down to just one thing, so I’ll pick two: I love teaching the Bible and I love helping people grow in their relationship with Jesus. 

I don’t have any free time because I have 4 children. If I had free time I would enjoy mountain biking, games, sports, movies, and finding local places that serve good food.