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Our Purpose

Our Community Groups seek to create an environment where people love and care for one another. Bible study, sermon discussion and application, praying for one another, serving, and fun, are all elements that contribute to the effective group. Group facilitators look to ensure group members are included, cared for, and valued.

God at Work
God at Work

God is moving at Community Bible Church. New faces visit every week. A high percentage of those people return looking for ways to belong beyond Sunday morning services. As encouraging as that is, it creates a challenge. Community Groups are our major point of connecting, and we don’t have enough existing space in established Community Groups, nor leaders to establish new groups! If there is someone in your current group who would be willing and capable of leading a new group, would you present the need to them and ask if they would be willing to serve in that capacity? I am more than happy to meet with anyone to discuss the opportunity and equip them.

Group Leader Toolbox

I am working to get sermon application questions posted each week for groups that use them. If you enjoy thinking of questions or questions, come naturally as you listen to the sermon, I need your help! Send me an email or text and I’ll contact you to share the plan. This could be a fun way to serve the Lord and many of our Community Groups.


Liz and I would like to invite your community group for lunch or dinner. It would likely be easiest to schedule this during the time you typically meet with your group. If your group is willing to schedule a week to join us in our home, we’d be honored. Please talk with your group to see if they’re receptive to the idea.

Thank you for serving!

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