The COVID-19 Opportunity

You’ve likely heard often within the last few weeks that these are unique times in which we’re living. Indeed these are unique times. It’s certainly the first time in my lifetime that the entire world has been affected so significantly by one set of circumstances. Everyone is affected during this pandemic. Many are hurting. Some are hurting because of the virus itself while others are hurting in different ways. Some are hurting because of job loss or financial hardships. Others are hurting because they are separated from loved ones and they’re lonely. But in the midst of all the suffering, there are good things that we are experiencing from the Lord in this time.

Recently I’ve heard several stories of how people are stepping up to serve one another in these times of hardship and suffering. It seems like almost daily there’s a report of how people rallied around an individual or family with a parade of some sort. We’ve seen people who know how to sew jumping in to make masks for neighbors and friends. I read an article this week about how a garden tech at HPU was making floral bouquets to take to the hospital each day. I recently saw homemade signs in the Home Depot parking lot that someone had made reading “Thank You Home Depot Workers”. There are good things happening in our community during this pandemic.

There are people within our own church who are stepping up to serve the vulnerable in our community by preparing and/or serving meals for those who in need. The church mobilizing to meet needs in our community is a beautiful thing. And without the opportunity that this pandemic has created for people to work from home, many people would not have had the flexibility to step up and serve like they have. We have taken steps away from being a consumer church where we want to show up and be fed and we’ve taken steps towards mobilizing and being the church in our community. There are good things from the Lord in this season.

One of the things that I’ve celebrated during this time is additional time with family. Sometimes I celebrate it while at other times I lament it if I’m honest. I’m sure my kids would say the same. Without extracurricular activities we have more time for board games and meaningful conversation. But I’ll be the first to admit that this doing-school-at-home thing is no cake walk. With my four kids all doing school and my wife Erin, who is a first grade teacher, doing her school work there are times when tensions run high in our home. But I’m so grateful for the extra time with family, and the extra opportunities I have to enjoy my kids and shape my kids, while appreciating the extra time with Erin, too.

I recently saw a video that one family posted who have obviously been spending time together during this time. This is a very talented family who loves the Lord, and they’ve used their gifts to encourage others. This is the Goss family and they live in Pennsylvania. They started what they’re calling the “Goss Family Quarantunes”. Their “volume 1” is a performance of “Holy Water” by We the Kingdom. When I first saw and heard it I was moved to tears. Sometimes it doesn’t take a whole lot to move me to tears when it involves performances that are intended to glorify God, but this one got me because it was a family doing this together. I don’t know this family and the ages of their kids, but I was struck that their four children (who I would guess range from elementary to high school) were doing this together with their parents. I think about my own family and my four kids, ages 13, 11, 9, and 5, and I am reminded of the unique opportunity that the Lord has given me with my family. Take a listen here to see the Goss family perform “Holy Water”.

Pretty impressive right? They are talented for sure, but they are also really convincing. Their body language sells the message that they’re singing. It’s a precious example of how a family can leverage this unique opportunity. And that’s what I hope to encourage you with in this blog. These are unique times for sure, but we should see this pandemic as a unique OPPORTUNITY. What is it an opportunity for? Perhaps you’re like me and you could leverage it as a unique opportunity to build into your family, making memories and being intentional to shape their character to reflect that of Christ. Perhaps it is a unique opportunity for you to get out and serve because of a more flexible work schedule. Or maybe you’ve lost your job and this is a unique opportunity to testify to God’s goodness and faithfulness when others would be panicked. It’s an opportunity for you to do some home projects, yard work, or maybe washing your vehicle(s), but what opportunities can you leverage for eternal impact? How can you leverage this unique opportunity for the Kingdom of God?

Devote yourself to God. Disciple those whom God has placed within your influence. And deploy yourself as a soldier and ambassador for Christ.

Remind yourself daily that this COVID-19 pandemic is a unique opportunity and I pray your decisions are shaped by this God-centered perspective.

And in closing, I miss my church family and can’t wait for the opportunity to gather together!