Domestic Abuse Resource Team

Change Must Come

A 2018 case study on Domestic Abuse in churches noted that only half of the people who reported their abuse to their church felt that the church’s response had been supportive.

The Domestic Abuse Resource Team at Community Bible Church exists to implement policies and procedures that make CBC a safe place, equip our church to recognize abuse, and support and advocate for those attending our church who have been abused.

Did You Know?

Abuse can involve physical, emotional, verbal, sexual, economic, spiritual, and/or psychological means.

The intention of abuse is to gain control over another’s life. Control is exerted slowly over time and eventually isolates the victim from friends, family, and co-workers.

Abuse typically occurs in a pattern that is increasing in frequency and/or intensity.

A conservative estimate is that out of every 60 married Christian couples, 10 suffer emotional and verbal abuse, and 2-3 suffer physical abuse.

You Can Help

DART consistently educates and develops volunteers to serve as advocates for victims and mentors for perpetrators. If you would like to learn more and become a volunteer, we’d love to hear from you!

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