We want to keep you informed as our discussions progress.
Please make note of these updates and changes.

Sunday Services

On Sunday June 6th, we plan to return to our two-service format, with services at 9:00am and 11:00am.  In anticipation of more freedom to travel for vacations and other summer activities, this change is consistent with our usual summer attendance cycle.

COVID Updates

As the CDC guidance changes, we anticipate seeing more in our congregation without masks.  In order to provide opportunity for both those who continue using mask protection with social distancing, and those who no longer wear masks, we are planning a phased transition of our church auditorium seating arrangement to accommodate both.  The transition will be effective beginning Sunday, June 6th.  Since COVID began, we have made masks available at the Welcome Desk and will continue to do so. 

Contact Us

If you have specific desires, concerns or comments, please contact one of our Elders.  We would love to hear from you as we continue this planning process.


As a reminder, our everyONE Initiative Renovations in the Community Students Wing begin in June.  We anticipate completion of that phase in early August.  The auditorium renovation will begin in August.  During auditorium renovations, our worship services will be held in the gymnasium.

Blessing Point

As a follow-up to the Blessing Point Ministries – Historical Retreat held last weekend, please plan to attend the ‘Solemn Assembly’, our corporate response, on June 25th.  The Solemn Assembly is a corporate service of repentance and restoration where current church leaders repent on behalf of the leaders before them and for themselves.  It is also a time where the congregation can openly respond with confession and repentance.  This type of Assembly is recorded in our scriptures (see Nehemiah 8-10; Ezra 9-10; Joel 1:14,2:15).  Watch for more information in future communications.