Simple Questions

Simple things are not always what they appear.

A  shared piece of fruit; rebellion.

Bread and table wine; redemption.

A lamb becomes majestic.

Parables of the mundane instruct a child and marvel a theologian.

Complexity and simplicity from the Creator of galaxies and the Creator of gnats.

A Word written to touch an untouchable in New Delhi or confound the confident in the marbled halls of Cambridge.


We need simplicity right now.

Simple questions to bring us back to the source of Life. Invite us to encounter again.


Where are you? (Genesis 3:9)

Cool of the day.

He calls out.

Fellowship broken. 

Hiding but not hidden.

“Where are you?”

Our first father and mother face a new reality.

 “Something has changed.

            Where are you?

            For the first time, I was afraid and hid.”

Shame. Identity. Justification.

But God is working.

Redemption begins to unfold.


Thousands of years later, another question like the first.

Do you want to be healed? (John 5:6)

An invalid.

            A sheep’s gate.

                         A pool of water.

                                    38 years of motionless wandering.

The Great Physician.

             The Lamb.

                        The Living Water.

                                     A greater Moses, leading a new exodus.

“Do you want to be healed?”

“Sir, I have no one to carry me…”

Shame. Identity. Justification.

Point missed.

But the Son doesn’t stop working.


I wonder:

             Where does your mind wander these days?

                        What has your affections?

                                    What are the desires of your heart?

The I AM,

            not the I was,

                        not the I will be,

                                    is still asking,

                                                still calling.

                                                            still inviting.

Still afraid? Still hiding?

“Sir, This virus,

             this school situation,

                        the CDC,

                                    the election,

                                                my employer…

                                                            I have no one to carry me…”

The Son is working.

Where are you? Do you want to be healed?

Simple questions.

But they were never just questions.

They were, and are, invitations to encounter, to behold.

And they need to be asked, to be pondered, to be answered more today than ever.